The Ux Design

The Ux Design


Hello Readers I am SHIVAM writing my first blog on HASHNODE on the topic of UX Design. I am currently learning the Ux design so, I want to share my learnings in public with all of you guys. This blog will gonna be a short introduction to the Ux design.

The Basic:-

The full form of the UX is User Experience. The name Ux is coming up from a cognitive scientist, Donald Norman. He came up with the term "user experience design" in 1995. The User Experience is how a person, the user feels about interacting with or experiencing a product.

A product which we made for the end-users needs to be :

  • Useable

  • Equitable

  • Enjoyable

  • Useful

There are many types of UX Designers who work in the company. A big company has many types of designers.

Types Of UX Designers

  1. Interaction Designer - These types of designers focus on designing the experience of a product and how it functions.

  2. Visual Designer - Visual Designer focuses on how the product or technology looks.

  3. Motion Designer - Motion Designer thinks about what it feels like for a user to move through a product.

  4. Graphic Designer - Graphic Designer creates visuals that tell a story or message. They focus on the physical appearance of the product.

At last Ux Designers focus on how users interact with a product.

See You In Next

This is a short blog about Ux, but I will meet all of you readers the next time with more exploring and interesting topics.

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