My First Hactoberfest ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

My First Hactoberfest ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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Open Source is a great way to collaborate with folks around the world, and the events like Hacktoberfest brings more joy to it. Hello Hashnode ๐Ÿ‘‹, I am Shivam, and today I am going to share my first "Hacktoberfest" experience with you all.

First Time

I started contributing to open source in September 2021 and from that until now, I enjoyed every single bit of it. At the start, open source was a bit confusing and difficult for me but contributing on the daily basis to different projects like ReactPlay, LinkFree, Sukoon, etc helped me to understand open-source more deeply

In the last six months, I've been more interested in open source, and I wanted to attend Hacktoberfest to cooperate with more individuals.


Hactoberfest Journey

The First PR

Kanika Gola's Amazon-clone project was my first Hacktoberfest project to which I contributed. This project is built on React JS, and I discovered it on Twitter. While working on this project, I learned a few new things.


React Bootstrap

React Routes

Props in React

  • After working on this project, I began looking for the next project to work on during Hacktoberfest.

The Second PR

Susmita Dey's TextUtils project was my second Hacktoberfest project to which I contributed. This project is based on React JS, and I included the Text-to-Speech component. This project taught me about:




State handling

  • With these two PRs, I've reached the halfway mark of Hacktoberfest.

Screenshot (210).png

The Third PR

I've returned to the Amazon-Clone project. I wanted to contribute more to this project because it taught me a lot of new things. So, I again raise an issue for this project and created a PR for that. My contribution to this project was little this time; I simply added a "Show More Results" button. By applying some-

functions and ternary operator logics.

  • Now that I've finished the three contributions, I'm eager to contribute and learn more.


The Fourth PR.

  • Now for the Fourth Contribution, I found a new project named Animation Buttons. This is the project where you may find any form of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript button. So I decided to create a button using some of my JavaScript knowledge.

So, I created an issue, raised a PR, and with this merged pull request, my 4 contributions for the Hactoberfest got completed.


After Hactoberfest's 4 PRs

After approving four PRs, I began contributing to other projects since "Hactoberfest" is only a helping hand that will help you stand out in the field of Open Source; after that, it will be your choice whether to move forward or remain where you are.

So, I decided to move on with more learnings, projects, and contributions. I recently contributed to Linkfree and ReactPlay and learned a lot as a result.


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