Helpful online tools to self-improve as a developer

Helpful online tools to self-improve as a developer

Stand Out As A Self Taught Developer


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Hey Hashnode👋, I am Shivam, and today I came up with the article where I tell you about the resources which helped me to be a confident Self-Taught Developer, and they are still helping me.

As we all know, the internet has been assisting us for a long time; some individuals use it to grow themselves, while others use it to complain. The internet is constantly available to people who want to improve their skills and grow. There are many different resources, courses, and communities available online that help us to stand out in the industry as confident Self-taught Developer.

So, without wasting a bit, let's get started. 😃

Online Courses

There are more than enough resources available that will be going to help you to be a self-taught developer. Many peoples in the tech industry are self-taught developers (All you need to do is to START). Here's the list of the platforms that provide online courses that help you to start your career.

Note- These are the platforms that I used and believe will be beneficial. You can also try out others, apart from these.

  • FreeCodeCamp, YouTube Channel Everything Free

  • Udemy Great Content, Less Price

  • Corsera A Platform to learn things from industry experts.

  • Scrimba Course related to web development

    • Community Classroom This community help you to learn Frontend, Backend, FullStack, Android Development, DevOps, and DevRel, and this community has many things to explore.

The course that,

  • I took on Udemy as Angela Yu's web development BootCamp.
  • I took on Coursera, is Google UX Design BootCamp.
  • I took many courses on FreeCodeCamp
  • I took on Scimba is React JS.
  • I am taking on Community Classroom is DevOps

Always remember to put what you've learned from online courses into practice. Developers must gain real-world experience, and one way to do so is to contribute to open source.Open Source is a great way to get real-world experience. It's not only about coding; It also allows you to collaborate with people and have a lot of experience.

You can contribute to a variety of open-source projects. Here's the list of the projects to which I contributed.

Note- There are more open source projects you can try out too.

  • EddieHub's Hacktoberfest Assists you with learning the fundamentals of open source.

  • Ace the frontend For beginner web developers

  • ReactPlay A great open source project to Learn and Practice, not even React JS but a FullStack development with the latest tech stacks

  • LinkFree LinkTree's alternative open source platform

  • Monokle A fantastic Open Source DevOps tool

  • Sukoon A open project, where you can try out your web development skills.

So, this is the list of some open-source projects that helped me to stand out as a self-taught developer.


Coding is not everything that you need to stand out as a developer. Making connections with individuals is essential. Building relationships and participating in communities can help you progress as a Self Taught developer, and Twitter is the perfect medium for this. You can join their tech groups and seek help if you get stuck, share your knowledge with them, assist those in the community who are new, and participate in their weekly or monthly calls or events. These things will help you improve, and individuals will learn about you.

Here's the list of the communities you can join.


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