Best Free Resources To Get Start Your FrontEnd Journey

Best Free Resources To Get Start Your FrontEnd Journey

Many resources are available free and paid which one is best for you to start and enhance your journey?


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You must have heard about the front-end, where we built many beautiful things that attract users and enhance the look of the webpage. Front-End is one of the most beautiful things that you all should learn if you're interested in making the webpages.

I started my front-end journey in 2020 where I was always looking for the different-different resources because at that time I don't know which resource is best and which lead me to my dream path, and if you're also looking for some free but best resources then you can check out the list below.

  • To start with Front-End, you firstly start with Html

    For HTML Video Tutorials :

  • Freecodecamp's Youtube Channel

  • CodeWithHarry's Youtube Channel

NOTE watch everything at your own pace don't go through everything too fast.

For HTML Docs :

w3schools - W3school

CSS Resources ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

For CSS Video Tutorials :

  1. Traversy Media Youtube Channel
  2. Kevin Powell's YT channel
  3. CodeWithHarry Youtube Channel [for Hindi]

    For CSS Docs :

w3school - W3schoolCss

NOTE After learning CSS do start practice with projects now. At this stage start hands-on practice with different-different types of projects.

Html/Css Project Ideas

Click here to see Projects ideas

JavaScipt ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

Now You can enter the world of JavaScript. JavaScript helps the website to make more user-friendly like - "what will happen when we click on buttons, how the images will change according to the page, how we can add items into our wishlist or how to make a website more dynamically and many more like these things we all can do with JAVASCRIPT."

For JS Video Tutorials :

  1. FreeCodeCamp's YT Channel
  2. CodeWithHarry YT Channel [Hindi]

For JS Docs :

  1. W3school W3school for JS
  2. JS info JavaScript with more practical way

-After getting familiar with JS I highly recommend you make projects. Making projects will help you to grow, and during this entire journey don't just learn on your own, Learn In Public. Share your learnings with the public, share your achievements and experience with others on different-different social media like

  • Twitter
  • ShowCase
  • Make Blogs on HashNode and many more like these.

This thing will enhance your journey and boost your confidence.

At last, if you want to practice Html, CSS, JS projects, or coding challenges you can check out the links below.

Challanges JS

After Html, Css, JS ?

After learning these three you can move ahead, looking forward and you can start learning the "Backend", "JS FrameWorks", "GitHub", and take your journey to the "FullStack Developer".

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